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Photography is all about capturing Lights by the Camera, through a series of Actions that involve creating and studying the composition, clicking the shutter, processing the digital information and finally creating an image that brings life to those lights. It ends with conversion to ink on paper. And then that is just the start...

This website belongs to the artist and photographer Sourav Dasgupta. Sourav (or Rav) is a passionate landscape, cityscape and seascape photographer. Through his photography, he tries to both pursue and depict the perfection of nature (or artificial nature), and create an inspiration for people to appreciate the things that really matter. His knowledge of photography is completely self-taught but his experience is a result of shooting-and-learning alongside friends and professional photographers of a very accommodating photographers' group in Australia called Focus Photographers.

                                  Sourav Dasgupta

Sourav lives in Sydney with his family. He is otherwise a full time Data Analytics, Intelligence and Information Subject Matter Expert, and an engineer, and thus, his approach to photography has grown from a technical angle, to an aesthetic sense of fine art. He enjoys the combination of family, friends, photography and travelling. He carries his full camera gear with him when he travels. His photography has earned him recognition in national and international competitions. Some of his recognition in the world of photography include (in reverse chronological order):-

  • Silver award winner in Nature-panoramic category in Moscow International Foto Awards 2016. Honorable mentions in Fine art, Architecture and Cityscapes categories in Moscow International Foto Awards in 2015.
  • Honorable mentions in Monochrome Awards in Landscape, Wildlife and Professional Architecture categories in 2015 and 2016.
  • Bronze Awards in recognition of excellence from The EPSON International Pano Awards ( in the Amateur Nature, Landscapes and Environment categories in 2015 and 2016. 
  • Silver Awards in the Landscape, Cityscape, and Panorama categories in the Focus Photographers Awards 2015 (
  • Silver Award winner in Classic Landscapes, Revealing Nature and Creative Flair categories in Peter Eastway's Better Photography Magazine Awards 2016.
  • Silver Award winner in Revealing Nature, Classic Landscapes, Exotic Travel category in Peter Eastway's Better Photography Magazine Awards 2015.

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