What happened in Vegas!

People go to Las Vegas for sunset, said probably no one ever. Yet, here I was, strolling down The Strip, with a camera in my hand, happily clicking the affluence and the opulence in proud display. For those of you who know the geography of The Strip in the back of your head, I walked from Fashion Show to The Palazzo on the walk over and then turned towards The Venetian on the right through the walk-abouts of The Palazzo. I crossed the RockHouse bar and when I stepped into the passage, everything stopped for me. I looked outside the arches towards The Campanille Tower and through the gap between the Tower, the Mirage and over St. Mark's square, the sky revealed itself. It was one of the most magnificent sunsets I have ever witnessed and with time, as the sun kept setting over the western sky, the varied colours in the sky kept revealing themselves.

Now I did not have my tripod with me but my memory card looked it it was ready to take another 500 massive files of delicious data into it. I also had my 16-35mm f4 lens attached to it and I didn't ask for anything more. However, with the number of people walking outside, the gondolas on the water, and the incredible set up of the moving clouds, I needed to support my camera. 

So I placed my camera on the base of one of the arches, found a reasonable composition and tested a good ISO and a zoom. I wasn't impressed with my decision to not carry my intervalometer with me at that time so I had to use the delay timer in my camera. With an ISO around 600, focal length of 9, shutter speed of around 100, single point focus with the maximum focal points as my camera had, I found the light to be my liking, and the image freezing all movements as I had wanted (after a few trials). My camera is mostly set to auto focus and this is what I want in most of the scenarios and this one was no different. Finally, after about 200 images with me placing my camera on bases of different arches in the passage way, I finally found my shot. I kept on clicking nevertheless until the colours turned into a dark magenta everywhere and that was it for the evening. 

No wait. That was just the beginning. I was in Vegas, wasn't I? The fun had just started - whatever was I doing with my camera (looked so out of place!).